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Specialist Terms Course - ABC de' Conti

In the “Technical Terms” course, the students will learn Italian technical terms in 13 specialized fields of art, design, according to the student’s specialization. Ideal for those who are aiming to study arts and design in Italy and thus need to acquire the terminology related to those fields.

After the course, students will be able to understand lessons and carry out study in each specialized field. In this special course, students will acquire vocabulary used especially in an environment of arts.

Jewelry Making

jewelry Making Course- ABC de' Conti

Florence is known throughout the world as a jewelry city. It is a city where many craftsmen are gathered who have continued to create wonderful jewelry. This is a jewelry course that carries on the traditions since the 14th century during the Renaissance period when goldsmith craftsmen flourished in Florence.
Normally, students can make 2 rings per week, and the fast learners can also make a pendant head during the same amount of time. For experienced students, individual desires are taken into consideration to allow the carrying out of such original jewelry production as rings, pierced earrings, bracelets, etc. In addition, you will receive thoughtful guidance in the decorative engraving techniques that have been passed down since the Renaissance in Florence, making it possible for even a beginner to complete the making of wonderful jewelry. This is a perfect chance for being taught the authentic techniques.
If you want to enjoy jewelry making just a little bit, please add a week at a time until you have completed your free original jewelry, up to 12 weeks or more.

Leather handicrafts
(bag and shoe designing and production, etc.)

Leather Handicrafts Course- ABC de' Conti

Ferragamo and Gucchi are representative Italian shoe and bag makers that are famous throughout the world, and you will spend your days like an apprentice to the craftsmen of Florence, who possess the highest technology, receiving their direct guidance and instructions onsite in their design and know how that allows them to produce the high quality of shoes and bags of which Italy is rightly proud. Even beginners can create change purses, pouches, or travel bags, and experienced students can design and create their own original works. The craftsmen will teach you each separate process with thoughtful care, making it possible for your to obtain the skills of the world’s top Italian leather art.


Painting Course- ABC de' Conti

In the city of Florence where the arts of the Renaissance flourished, you can learn everything from classical to contemporary expression techniques. You will learn a broad variety of techniques, from the basics of sketching to pencil drawing, croquis, oil painting, water-color painting, acrylic painting, classical techniques, abstract painting, fresco painting, spatial composition, understand of chiaroscuro, and layout method. The lessons are extremely exciting, overflowing with the true power of Italian arts. The contents of the course will definitely satisfy the desires of not only beginners, but of professional level students as well.

Painting Restoration

Restoration of Painting Course Course- ABC de' Conti

Even beginners who cannot paint pictures can do painting restoration. You will learn the various techniques necessary for restoring paintings that are historical heritage works. You begin by learning the process through which historical and cultural value is placed upon artistic paintings in general and thus deepening your understanding of them. Then you go on to learn the scientific and technological methods for distinguishing the materials related to restoration, the unique aspects, shapes and mechanism of deterioration, and make research into the processes and techniques delineated in documents concerning restorations of the past. You will carry out restoration using actual authentic paintings that were created during the 15th century.

(comprehensive course, creative pottery course, potter’s wheel course, and hand-painting on pottery course)

Pottery Course Course- ABC de' Conti

You will learn the traditional pottery techniques that have been passed down from ancient times, through the Renaissance and on to the present. Italy is blessed with outstanding artistic pottery works that have both warmth and magnificently brilliant coloring seen in the representative Majorca style. You will learn the various techniques of pottery, plus gaining an understanding of the materials of terracotta, the scientific knowledge necessary for hand-painting on pottery, and the methods for adjusting the heat in a kiln.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Course- ABC de' Conti

It is said that stained glass originated in depictions of religious teachings for people who could not read the Bible. Even in Italy, the stained glass windows of numerous churches show beautiful coloring and continue to fascinate people who visit them. You will promote your understanding of the historical background of glass art, as well as nurture you design skills and learn basic production technology. After thoroughgoing training in the handling of copper foil for giving shape to your designs and the basic technology of soldering, etc., you will produce a number of works, including window stained glass, jewelry boxes, wall decorations, lamps, lampshade stained glass, decorated mirrors, etc.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Course Course- ABC de' Conti

Most people who aim toward becoming fashion designers in Italy consider Milan the place for obtaining knowledge in the field. Florence once flourished as the home of textile production. Even today, most of the famous brands that produce the most up-to-date fashions live and breath at their base in Florence. This course makes it possible to enhance your creative skills, while at the same time to learn clothing sketching, design, and production planning. You are also given guidance from the viewpoint of business in the richly sensitive and dynamic Italian fashion design field.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Course Course- ABC de' Conti

You will polish your artistic and graphic sensitivities in a way that can only be accomplished in Italy. You will also learn illustration and sketching, editorial design, production of picture books, sign plans, package design, carry out research in wrapping, packaging, and coloring technologies, as well as learning all publicity and advertising techniques for setting the commercial world into motion. We decide on themes that fit the time period and desires of each individual student, and cause one and all to perfect their works with brilliant color sensitivity.

Other courses not listed above are available such as Interior Design, Product design, Sculpture, Bookbinding, marble paper, etc.

Short Courses of 2 to 10 days

Jewelry Making 2 to 5 day Course
Rings & Pendants

You will create two pieces, a ring, and a pendant top that uses the technique of lace-like carving. The decorative carving is a technique targeted at experienced students, but even those who have no experience will receive careful and thoughtful training that will make it possible for them to perfect these works, bringing them into direct contact with the authentic skills of Florentine craftsmen.

Bag Making 2-day Course

You will learn to make a bag from the authentic craftsmen who give birth to the leather goods of Florence that are famed throughout the world. Under the careful and thoughtful guidance of such craftsmen, you will perfect a smallish bag in 2 day’s time. Please savor the joy of owning a one-of-a-kind-in-the-world bag that your yourself sewed and finished.

Bag Making 4-day Course
(16 lessons + 16 Independent Study lessons)

In the 4 day course, you make the smallish bag of the 2 day course, as well as a medium-size bag that is convenient for everyday use.

Bag Making 10-day Course

Spending every day as though you have become an apprentice to a craftsman, challenging the making of a small pouch for use as a coin purse, a smallish bag, and a largish travel bag. During a 10 day period, you will learn the ABCs of creating a pattern, cutting the leather, and even doing the final sewing.

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