1-Day Culture Course


You can take a large variety of courses in units of 1 day. We recommend
this program to those who want to experience lessons in a number of fields.

*1 lesson = 45 minutes

Jewelry making – Simple ring
€230 / 4 lessons (1-day)

culture Course -  Jewelry making - Simple ring - ABC de' Conti

Florence is a world-renowned jewelry city. Numerous craftsmen have continued to create marvelous jewelry there since times long past. You challenge the making of an elegant silver ring. Even someone with absolutely no experience is given firm guidance to perfect a ring, so let’s create a commemorative treasure that is one-of-a-kind in the world.

Jewelry making – Elegant ring
€410 / 8 lessons (2-day)

culture Course -  Jewelry making - Elegant ring - ABC de' Conti

This is a course in which you will learn the decorative engraving that has been passed down since the Renaissance in the Jewelry city of Florence and create an elegant ring. The instructors carefully provide guidance, making it possible for even a beginner to perfect a marvelous ring. You will learn the real techniques from a jewelry craftsman in the place of origin.

€230 / 5 lessons (1-day)

culture Course - Painting - ABC de' Conti

This is a painting course in the city of Florence where Renaissance art bloomed. You can create a painting to keep along with your memories of the Italians coming and going at the Duomo or the Ponte Vecchio, while learning from an Italian teacher.

Special Arts Training
€190 / 8 lessons (1-day)

Culture Course - Special Arts Training - ABC de' Conti

This is a course for enjoying contact with Italian arts. The contents change each month and include such fields as sketching, stenciling, decoupage, fresco painting, outdoor sketching, nude sketching, outdoor sketching in Giardini Boboli, a tour for visiting Florentine art, a pottery art trip to the pottery city of Impruneta, observation of an Italian jewelry atelier, and water-color painting.

Fresh Pasta
€230 / 1-day, €360 / 2-day, €475 / 3-day, €590 / 4-day (1 day lesson: approx. 3 hours)

Culture Course - Fresh Pasta - ABC de' Conti

Let’s make some fresh pasta. You can make the pasta of your choice from among the numerous types of pasta, including long pasta, short pasta, or colorful pasta into which such ingredients as eggs, spinach, red pepper, or tomato are kneaded.

Atelier Visit – Shoes
€180 / 3 lessons (1-day)

Culture Course - Special Arts Training - ABC de' Conti

You will visit the ateliers of craftsmen who have inherited the traditions of the leather products of their place of origin in Florence. You can come into direct contact with the vivid working style of the maestros, and experience at close range the very breath of these craftsmen.

Atelier Visit – Furniture / Painting Restoration
€180 / 3 lessons (1-day)

Culture Course - Atelier Visit - ABC de' Conti

You will visit the ateliers where such Italian historical heritage objects as furniture and paintings are restored. You will actually observe the process for bringing back to life pieces of classical furniture and painting.

Toscan Home Cooking – Full course dinner
€165 / 1-day, €310 / 2-day, €455 / 3-day, €545 / 4-day (1 day lesson: approx. 3 hours)

Culture Course - Toscan Home Cooking - ABC de' Conti

This is a course in which you can obtain recipes for four or five dishes at one time, as well as knowledge of the ingredients used in those dishes. This is an at-home lesson that is given at the home of the teacher who is also a famous cooking researcher. All of the delicious recipes are so easy that you can make them in your own kitchen even if you do not have special cooking utensils. After the lesson, there is also an enjoyable tasting session.

Market visit
€90 / 1-day (1 day lesson: approx. 1.5 hours)

Culture Course - Market Visit - ABC de' Conti

You visit a food market to look at food products. You obtain knowledge concerning Italian food products and cooking with an instructor who provides explanations for you as you go about observing everything from colorful red and green paprika, to crowded counters full of vegetables, fruits, various types of cheese and salami, and the meat shops where even rabbit meat is sold. You can also enjoy a glimpse of the vigorous market place and the daily lifestyle of the cheerful Italian people.

Pastries (2 types)
€230 / 1-day, €360 / 2-day, €475 / 3-day, €590 / 4-day (1 day lesson: approx. 3 hours)

Culture Course - Pastries - ABC de' Conti

You learn true Italian pastry recipes for tiramisu, panna cotta, gelato, etc. Each time you take this course, you learn to make 2 types of delicious pastries such as those that use fresh strawberries in the sauce for tiramisu. If you are staying in Italy for two weeks or more, we recommend that your take this course once every week.

Pizza (3 types)
€230 / 1-day, €360 / 2-day, €475 / 3-day, €590 / 4-day (1 day lesson: approx. 2 hours)

Culture Course - Pizza - ABC de' Conti

Nothing says Italy like food, and nothing says Italian food like Pizza. In our 1-day course you can learn how to prepare the original pizza in a real pizzeria! Students will master 3 different types of delicious pizza.

Practical training in a restaurant
€145 / 1-day (1 day lesson: approx. 4 hours)

Culture Course - Practical training in a Restaurant - ABC de' Conti

This gives you the chance of a lifetime to be able to learn directly in a kitchen fitted out with all the authentic equipment to learn the cooking methods of a famous chef. Your flavors will change amazingly fast under the guidance of a chef that includes the chef’s research subject recipes and general cooking as well. After the lesson, there is a tasting session of the menu items that you have learned. This is a valuable chance where you can obtain professional-level Italian cooking skills.

Table Coordination
€230 / 1-day, €360 / 2-day, €475 / 3-day, €590 / 4-day (1 day lesson: approx. 2 hours)

Culture Course - Table Coordination - ABC de' Conti

Table setting coordination is a basic aspect of hospitality to Italians who prize more than anything else the inviting and being invited by family or friends to enjoy times of communication at the dinner table. You will learn the table setting coordination techniques of Italians who are good hosts, making it possible for you to devise marvelous time together around a dinner table.

Wine Cellar Training (including a light meal)
€190 / 1-day (1 day lesson: approx. 6 hours)

Culture Course - Wine Cellar Training - ABC de' Conti

Chianti is such a major Tuscan wine that when you hear the term Italian Wine, it is Chianti that first comes to mind. You will visit its wine cellar and learn how this authentic, richly fragrant Italian wine is made. This is a course in which you will hear an explanation of wine and taste freshly brewed wine, thus becoming an expert in Italian wine.

Wine and olive farms (including a light meal)
€190 / 1-day (1 day lesson: approx. 6 hours)

Culture Course - Wine and Olive farms - ABC de' Conti

The agri-series is extremely popular for its contact with the rich natural environment of Italy that supports the nation’s food culture. You will enjoy to the full the grape vine and olive tree orchards that stretch as far as the eye can see, along with the beautiful Tuscan pastoral scenery. You will receive vivid energy from the blessings of nature in the form of a delicious lunch that utilizes freshly harvested organically cultivated food products.


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