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Italian Language Interpreters that support the front line of business

Italian Language Interpreter training Course - ABC de' Conti

Italian language interpreters play the role of a bridge for the smooth progress of business with the nation of Italy and Italian tourism. The demand for Italian language interpreters is on the suddenly and continuing increase, providing a broad range of venues for interpretation activities, including the Italian fashion world in which the world of business is particularly deeply involved; the food related industry for Italian food products and wine; the world of the import-export industry that handles interior and product goods; the tourist industry that is constantly popular with travelers from all over the world; the world of the hotel and airline industry; and the world of the opera and music industry.

Learn everything necessary for becoming a professional interpreter in 1 year

The major point for activities as a professional interpreter is the extent of the breadth of knowledge and general common sense possessed by the interpreter.

It goes without saying that the foundation of those who are active as professional interpreters is linguistic ability. While obtaining a precisely correct grasp of grammar and a rich vocabulary, and strengthening your hearing powers, it is also necessary to obtain for yourself the “skill to reproduce anything with your own vocabulary and expressive powers.” However, in order to correctly translate conversations, it is absolutely indispensable for you to also possess basic and specialist knowledge of the subject being discussed; to comprehend the cultural background of Italian history, politics, economics, geography, history, art, and the literary trends, to correctly absorb everything that is said, and to understand the Italian people. More than simply mastering the Italian language for the purpose of enhancing your linguistic ability, or the studying of one single specialist field, the best way to accomplish this is to take the interpreter’s specialist course, in which you can master all the elements that an interpreter needs to master, from broad-ranging specialist knowledge concerning the nation of Italy, to techniques as a professional interpreter. This program, that has a perfect lineup of lessons in each separate field and interpreting experience in practical lessons, makes it possible for you to realize your dreams powerfully in a short amount of time.

[Curriculum Summary]

1. Intensive language training
2. Special arts training
3. Extracurricular courses
4. General basic subjects (politics, geography, history, economics)
5. Basic Business course
6. Interpreter training I (basic lessons) Interpreter training II (specialist lessons)
7. Interpreter Training Lesson I (observational training)
8. Interpreter Training Lesson II (practical lessons)

By studying each of these subjects, you will nurture for yourself the ability to be a comprehensive interpreter.

The track laid out and places of employment after completing the course

This school not only brings students who have completed the interpreter training program to a level at which they can begin working as an assistant interpreter, but is also makes it possible for students of the course who have passed the assistant interpreter employment examination to begin work as either an assistant interpreter or a part-time interpreter. (the passing ratio for fiscal 2011 was 95%)

After building up a backlog of experience as an assistant interpreter in a large number of places, there are numerous different venues in which you can become active. Let’s have confidence and quickly begin building up a backlog of experience as an interpreter.


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