Italian Language for Culinary Arts


You learn for a week or more alongside all majoring courses. It is possible to take
any number of different combinations. For those who want to learn more thoroughly,
please challenge the 1 month, the 2 month, the 3 month, or the 8 month course.

Italian Home Cooking

You will learn the starting point of Italian cook in the kitchen of an Italian cuisine researcher who is also a Mama, in an enjoyable and at-home atmosphere. Each time you participate, you will learn to make 4 or 5 dishes, including such outstanding Italian dishes as hors d’oeuvres, pastas, main dishes and desserts that form part of a full course menu. You can also learn to make all sorts of other dishes, such as pizza, bread, pastries, and hand-kneaded pasta. Everybody from beginners to those who are making  preparations for opening such establishments as home cooking restaurants can participate.

Pricing & Rates

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