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Florence is known as the birthplace of modern Italian language. The main goal of this program is to acquire “Italian language” but also to gain delightful experiences through various excursions. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of Italian language and culture. Florence with its enchanting stone-paved allies is waiting for you.

Italian Language Lesson - ABC de' Conti
Art Visit - ABC de' Conti

Italian language lesson:You can start out with the basic.

Take small steps on beautiful Italian language, from basics with practical daily conversation that you can use right away, such as shopping, asking directions, counting numbers, etc. By the end of the course, you will have learned conversations for everyday use. The classes are organized in small groups so that the instructors can keep close attention on each student and students have plenty of chances to speak out in the class.

Group lesson … Max 12 students per class:45mins × 20 lessons a week.
Small-group lesson … Max 6 students per class :45 mins × 15 lessons a week.
*1 lesson : 45min
*If there are less than 9 students, the class will be automatically Small-group lesson.

Panoramic Visit (For free, once a month)

Intriguing guided tour to explore many attractions of town, arts and nature in Florence and Tuscany! Unique experiences possible only if you live in it!

  • Discovering local foods (popular lampredotto, pizzeria, chocolate shops, etc.)
  • Discovering wide variety of gelato from famous gelato shops in Florence:
  • Visit to Fiesole and its Roman archaeological heritage
  • Fresco paintings in St. Maria del Carmine Church.
  • Silver Jewelry museum
  • Richard Ginori Museum
  • Textile Museum
  • Pottery Studios
  • Leather Tanning
  • Leonardo da Vinci Museum
  • Glass Making Studio
  • Museum of Natural History

Enjoy living in Florence with student flat (Additional fee option)

When studying abroad, company of roommates is fun and helpful, to share experience. With our accommodation support, you can avoid the hustle of searching for an apartment, and start living in Florence in a standard apartment with basic furniture and equipment. You can use accommodation only for the first period, too. For detailed conditions and durations, please inquire.


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