The city of Florence overflows with allure

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Florence, Capital of the Arts

Florence is the birthplace of Renaissance Culture, making it extremely popular as a capital of the arts. Medieval buildings form a beautiful cityscape that has been designated as important world heritage and is loved by tourists from all over the world. It was here in Florence where Botticelli and Da Vinci perfected their art, where Raphael painted numerous pictures of the Madonna, and where Fra’ Angelico’s genius bloomed.

Living in Florence allows you to both study the language and experience many things that are only possible to find in Italy.

Traditions and State-of-the-Art

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Italy places importance on its traditions, history and culture, but at the same time, it is a state-of-the-art leader in such fields as fashion and design, and its delicious cuisine and beautiful scenery also fascinate people, making it a country overflowing with numerous attractive aspects.
Florence holds numerous annual artistic and cultural events, and even ABC de’ Conti is involved in such major Florence events, as the Florence Design Week and the International Handicraft Fair.
Won’t you all come and participate in these events? During your period of study in Florence, Challenge yourself by engaging in as many activities as you can!

Rich Tuscan Cuisine and Lifestyle

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From Italian people you can learn not only about the arts and food, but also about their lifestyle as well. Under the bright sun, you can gain the conceptual and creative power to nurture free and easy self-expression. At the same time, you can learn to value connections with other people and naturally carry out a “mutual sharing” of time and entertainment. Even a single meal becomes an important event where you can confirm your mutual links and sense the culture. These experiences give the chance to develop highly indispensable warm relationships with people. The true secret of humanity lies in Italian-style sense of freedom and creativity.

In the middle of Italy
The perfect spot for traveling in Italy and Europe.

Studying in Italy gives you the perfect chance to visit the surrounding cities and the other countries of Europe, where you can come into contact with many things and places that will satisfy your desires. There are numerous beautiful cities near Florence that are extremely convenient to visit, including Siena, Perugia, Pisa, Assisi, and Ancona. Also, both Venice and Rome are close enough for a day trip. You can use your weekends or vacation days to travel to various parts of Italy and even to stretch your legs as far as the other countries of Europe, while fully enjoying your student’s life in Florence.

ABC de’ Conti

Florence is one of the major cities in Italy and is located in the north-central part of the country. Not only is Florence well known as the capital of Renaissance, but it is also the place where modern Italian language was born. ABC de’ Conti is situated in the very heart of the city historical center. The school building, conveniently located between the Duomo and St. Lorenzo church is a lovely structure that has stood in this spot since the 15th century, and this is where ABC de’ Conti classes are held. The most unique school feature is its broad variety of courses including those for students who want to learn everyday Italian conversation, advanced level courses for training interpreters, as well as preparatory courses for the entrance examination to national universities, specialist courses in the jargon for such fields as art, design, cooking, tourism business, and many others.
In addition, you can also take courses regarding various cultural aspect.
Within the school there is a free-of-charge wireless internet available for all international students.
Our multilingual school staff will not only provide you all necessary information about the courses and the school facilities, but will always welcome moments of conversation with the students, a unique opportunity to practice your Italian!

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