Italian Language Business Training Course

Italian Language Business Training Course - ABC de' Conti

Learning business in Italy for future employment

Business Course puts a special focus on developing students’ skills in business scenes. In the first 8 weeks, students will obtain basic knowledge on various topics including business conversation, writing business letters, telephone conversation, etc. and then learn to apply it on practical situations with a thoroughgoing training. The main course is the 6-month Business Course, and students can choose the course durations depending on their Italian levels by adding Basic Italian Course or taking just 2 months of Business Basic Course.

[Example Curriculum]

1. Business conversation
2. Writing business letters, e-mails
3. Telephone conversation
4. Business manners
5. Reading newspapers on economy
6. How to write successful Curriculum Vitae
7. Office interpreter
8. Marketing, Planning, Data analysis, How to draw graphs, negotiation, conference, presentation etc.

6-month Standard Italian + 6-month Italian Business Course

From the entry level Italian language, you will acquire business level Italian language with practical business skills through comprehensive business training. It includes 6-month Standard Italian language course to nurture students’ Italian language level, and 6-month Business course taken parallel to the last 6 months of Standard Italian language lessons.

6-month Italian Business Course

In the first 8 weeks, students will obtain basic knowledge on various topics of business scenes and then learn to apply it with a thoroughgoing training. This course is recommended to those who already have inter-mediate level of Italian language. Students can also add basic Italian course for necessary duration to start the business course without worrying about the language level.

8-week Italian Business Course

This course allows students to take only the first 8 weeks of the Business course, studying the major topics of business Italian in a digest manner. It is recommended for those with limited time. Inter-mediate level of Italian language is necessary.

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