Study Plans

Learning Period and Study Plans

[Standard Italian Language classes] 2 months (8 weeks)
+ [Culinary Arts classes] 1 months (4 weeks)

This is a course of less than 3 months, for which visa application is not necessary for most students holding citizenship in other countries. It makes it possible for those who have already studied the Italian language to further brush up their linguistic skills and make a further direct study of Italian culture and the Italian language. It is also possible to attend these Italian language classes simultaneously with art classes.

[Standard Italian language classes] 3 months (12 weeks)
+ [Italian Business Training Course] 2 months (8 weeks)

This course is for students who have studied Italian language already. They will take Basic Italian language lessons to refresh their knowledge from 3-4 weeks before the start of Business Basic course, and study Italian language and Business for 2 months in parallels. In just 3 months, students can brush up Italian language and acquire basic Business skills.

[Standard Italian Language classes] 4 months (16 weeks)
+ ["Business Italian" and "Specialist terms" Courses in the arts, design, and cooking] 2 months (8 weeks)

This is a beginner’s course for those who wish to remain in Italy to study a specialist field after they have completed the course. Such students begin by studying basic Italian language for a period of 4 months, and then study specialist jargon in the field that they want to major in, making a total of 6 months during which they polish their linguistic abilities. A 6 month period is absolutely necessary for mastering enough Italian language to smoothly understand a specialist major field.

[Standard Italian Language classes] 12 months (48 weeks)

This is an ideal course to steadily build up comprehensive Italian language ability from the entry level. To study and live in Italy and practice it in everyday life is the best way to acquire Italian language skills. Students will enjoy various activities, go on trips, etc. and get deep knowledge of Italian language and its culture.

[Standard Italian Language classes] 11 months (43 weeks)
+ [Italian Language Business Training Course] 6 months (24 weeks)

You can start from the entry level Italian language, and in a year, you will learn Italian language extensively so that you can use it in actual life. From the 6th month, students will start Business Course classes at the same time as Italian language classes.

Adding private lessons several times per week to any of the above courses, makes it possible to expect even greater progress. Please choose a combination of courses that fits your individual overseas study period and purpose.

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