Unique Features of ABC de’ Conti

We have a wide variety of courses available for all levels of students. Not only Italian language courses, which employs the direct method teaching in small-class lessons, but there are also Art and Cooking courses so that students can learn Italian language while enjoying Italian culture and living. We offer also various extra curricular activities and student services, to support student’s safe and fruitful stay in Italy.

Teaching Method / Direct Method

All our Italian language courses are based on the “direct method” and equal importance is placed on conversation, grammar, and composition. The Direct Method, also known as natural method, uses only the target language, rather than the mother tongue of the trainees or an intermediary language. This teaching method was established in Europe around 1900 and it has been used since then as one of the main language teaching approaches. Just like children learn their first language, no other language is employed during the class: the purpose of this method is to learn how to think and communicate naturally in Italian without stopping to think.
For beginners, we provide systematic understanding of the Italian language, starting with the alphabet pronunciation and basic grammar. For intermediate and advanced level students, we offer a variety of Italian language courses such as technical terms, business training, interpreters training, etc.

The purpose of our courses is to provide a practical linguistic training to master “useful” Italian expressions and terms in each student’s daily life.

Unique Features of ABC de’ Conti
Unique Features of ABC de’ Conti

Small Group Method

All courses employ the small group method to make sure that all students are given a plenty of chances to speak in the class, compared with larger classes in other language institutions. In small group classes, the teacher is able to follow students closely, providing accurate instructions, so that students can improve their Italian language ability much more efficiently than in a large group lessons.
You can choose group lessons, semi-private lessons, or private lessons. Group lessons are classes of 9-15 students, semi-private lessons are classes of 2-8 students.

Unique Features of ABC de’ Conti


Instructors are all native speakers with a rich experience in teaching. They provide training on all levels from elementary to advanced, in a friendly, thoughtful and enthusiastic manner. The teacher will encourage and help students to express their thoughts freely during the class, while respecting each student’s individuality.

Technical Terms, Business training, Internships, (in all specialized fields)

Unique Features of ABC de’ Conti

To respond to the different reasons for wanting to learn the Italian language, such as to live in Italy in the future, to work in Italy, to use the experience for future job hunt in their own countries, etc. ABC DE’ Conti offers courses that prepare the students to achieve their own objectives, beyond daily conversation.

Often, basic Italian language knowledge is not enough to actually work in the office, or to carry out specialized study in such fields as art, handicrafts, fashion, food, wine, trade, tourism, music, in which Italy excels. In the “Technical Terms” courses, students will be able to acquire jargons used in practice in actual workplace and in specialized fields, providing knowledge useful in order to carry out study, research projects, seek employment.

Business training course and Internship course focuses especially on the acquisition of not only linguistic competence in the workplace, but also practical skills and knowledge surrounding business scenes, which will be useful in future employment and career enhancement either in Italy or anywhere in the world.

Unique Features of ABC de’ Conti

Language + α (arts, design, cooking, etc.)

At ABC de’ Conti students can enjoy unique opportunities to improve their linguistic proficiency in a natural and easy way, while experiencing various aspects of Italian culture, such as arts, design, cooking, etc. other than the language itself. Optional art and cooking lessons are held by adjoining professional art institute and cooking school. With 33 interesting courses to choose from, students can practice Italian language beyond the framework of the classroom, while enjoying cultural enrichment.

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