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At ABC de’ Conti, we make arrangements for accommodations for anyone who wants us to, in order to make it possible for students to enjoy their Italian student life with the greatest possible ease and comfort. The school staff always visits all types of accommodations, including flats, apartments, etc., located even in the center of Florence where there is good public safety, to check on their appropriateness for students. It is possible for the school to make arrangements for either the period of stay, the entire period of training, or any set amount of time.

Shared Room Single Room
4 weeks: 500 Euro
8 weeks: 1000 Euro
4 weeks: 700 Euro
8 weeks: 1400 Euro

*Utilities fees (incl. gas/water/electricity)
April – Sept: €16/week
Oct – March: €26/week
*Other housing options are available. (Single apartment, residential hotel, homestay, etc.) Please inquire.

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The basic type accommodation facility is the flat, that is furnished and has a kitchen, in which Italians normally reside. It is possible to make arrangements for everything from a one-bedroom-two-bed type to a single room bedroom type; a single flat of the 1DK type in which there is private kitchen, bath, and toilet facilities and is an independent dwelling for use by one or two people; as well as home-stays and hotels.


It is possible to make arrangement for the necessary period. If you request accommodation arrangements for your period of study in Italy, you will be able to avoid the bother of looking for accommodations, and it will also save you time and be economical. For those who wish to look for their own accommodations after becoming a bit accustomed to their daily life in Italy, we recommend that they make a 4-month reservation for accommodations in advance.

Making your own arrangements

When looking for accommodations, you can utilize advertisements, information magazines, posters at shops, etc. in the city, and notifications of solicitations for roommates. Almost all overseas students live in furnished flats for students, and many of them rent a large flat that can be shared by a number of people. Please experience having your own room in Florence.

Student-use Flats

During your time abroad, the best way is to live with a roommate. Overseas students with whom you share the same purpose, or those who have differing purposes can exchange information on life in Italy. And when you are troubled, you can confer with your roommate, who is a most indispensable entity in all and every situation. Many people find friends in this manner with whom they continue to deepen their relationship even after returning to their home country. The basic type is a flat that has one bedroom with two beds, with kitchen, bath, and toilet facilities that are shared with other people. For an additional fee, it is also possible to obtain a single room bedroom type.

Single-occupancy Flats

Life with everybody having a good time together is also nice, but for those for whom private time is more important than anything else, we recommend a single-occupancy flat. This is recommended for who want to spent free time in a foreign country and have a certain amount of familiarity with living overseas.

Home-stays / Home-stays with instructors

You can live together with an Italian family, and get familiar with Italian culture, and naturally gain proficiency in the Italian language. The rules are different for each family. In the case of home-stays with instructors, the host family has Italian language instructor’s qualifications, so this is an effective way to learn correct Italian language. Home-stays that include meals can be provided in terms of breakfast only or two meals per day.

Hotels / Residential Hotels

Particularly for short stays, we recommend a hotel as the best accommodation for overseas students who wish to spend their time in comfort. Since you don’t have to spend time cleaning or making the bed, you can concentrate entirely on other activities.

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