Italian Language programs

1. Standard Course »Details

The Standard Course will provide students with a solid basis of Italian language through small-class lessons. Students will be able to communicate effectively in Italian in everyday, real life situations. All our language lessons employ the Direct Method, in which the target language is used in class, placing equal importance on conversation, grammar, composition, and listening.

2. Intensive Course »Details

The Intensive Course will allow students to improve their Italian language level in a shorter period. Student will take more than twice as many lessons as normal Basic Italian Language course and do more assignments.

3. Italian Language PLUS »Details

This is a special language package that allows you to enjoy your time in Italy, while learning Italian language, at a very convenient price! 
 Just pick 6 month course or 12 month course and take off!

4. Italian Language for Arts »Details

Students will acquire a technical Italian terminology in more than 10 different disciplines, related to arts crafts and design.

5. Italian Language for Business »Details

This course is specifically designed to prepare students for employment in a workplace, learning various topics such as telephone conversation, writing business letter, negotiations, business practice, etc. through practical training. Such business skills will be useful for future employment not only in and out of Italy but also to do business with Italian companies.

6. Italian Language for Culinary Arts »Details

You can take a rich variety of courses of high quality andfulfilling contents at the art/design/cooking arts institute, available in various duration (2 days, 1-week, 2-week, 1-month, 2-month, up to 8 months.)

7. Italian Language + Internship »Details

Through Internship, not only students can practice the Italian language, but also acquire business skills and specialist knowledge as an enterprise employee, and utilize the experience for future employment or enhancing their career.

8. Preparation Course for “Accademia di Belle Arti” »Details

This is a preparation course for those who aim to enter into the “Accademia delle Belle Arti”.

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