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Did you know that the birth of the Italian language was unexpectedly very recent, dating back to only about 150 years ago? Before that time, each region had its own dialect, such as the “Milanese Dialect” and the “Neapolitan Dialect,” and each of those dialects was dealt with as a separate foreign language. In the midst of this situation, when Italy was unified into a single nation in 1861, the “Florentine Dialect” was given the honor of being designated as the official common language.

ABC de’ Conti is located in the very heart of Florence, the birthplace of the present-day Italian language, thus providing the best environment for learning the true Italian language.
At ABC de’ Conti you can find a complete lineup of courses on a broad variety of levels, from daily conversation to professional level Italian.
We offer distinct programs focused on specific linguistic aspects and levels, ranging from daily conversation, to specialist courses for learning the unique jargons of various technical areas.
All levels of proficiency are provided: we offer elementary, intermediate, advanced level Italian classes, as well as business Italian for those who want to exploit their linguistic knowledge for career-related purposes. Moreover, we provide courses for training interpreters and internship programs for learning Italian and together with business practice, immersed in practical social situations.

The Business Italian course has been thought for those who wish to obtain  both Italian-language ability and business skills, with the aim of seeking for job opportunities in Italy or anywhere in the world, through a practical training to deal with various workplace situations. Internship programs represent a unique experience to be actually involved in the practical work of Italian enterprises, in a broad range of industries.
Florence, the world’s most glamorous capital also in the field of the arts, is the most appropriate place to study, not only Italian language but also Italian culture.
ABC de’ Conti does limit itself to the teaching of Italian language alone, but also offers a wide selection of Italian cultural programs, including art and cooking-related classes. We place particular emphasis on “what students want to do after learning the Italian language.”

By choosing ABC de’ Conti as your school for learning Italian language, you will be taking the first step toward the realization of your dreams, gaining indispensable and valuable experience to pursue your future educational and professional goals.

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About Us

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