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ABC de’ Conti News “Italian Language Plus Course”

Hello everyone how are you?

TThe weather in Florence has been very hot this summer, and it still is as the new month of August started. Yes, we are only a month away from September when a new Academic year starts. Have you made your plan to study abroad in Italy to learn live Italian language? If not yet, don’t worry – it still isn’t too late to enroll for the classes starting from September 7,
(and from January 11, 2016 as well)!

ABC de’ Conti – Italian Language School has a special offer on Italian Language Plus Course, which comes with various excursions already included in the plan. These guid
ed tours are very unique, you get to enjoy and learn historical and cultural parts of lorence, which for sure will keep your learning motivation high up.
You can start from the very basic Italian level in a small-sized class (maximum of 8 to 15 students per instructor), and at the end of the course you will find yourself manipulating the daily Itali an conversation in and out of the classroom.
Why wait another minute? Enroll yourself this weeke nd so you will have enough time to get yourself ready to study abroad in Italy. We are always here to support you!

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